Nokia N9 Another Hands On Video

I’m sure the Nokia faithful out there simply can’t get enough of the new Meego packing Nokia N9 smartphone, so to keep their appetite appeased we have another hands-on video with what will apparently be the first and last Meego smartphone, for your viewing pleasure below.

The Nokia N9 hands-on footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Passione Mobile and the T3 YouTube page and delivers just over two and a half minutes of checking out what the Nokia N9 has to offer.

Bassically there’s nothing really new here and you’ve probably seem most in previous Nokia N9 videos that have hit the net recently, although the blurb with the video is unusual and it states… “First look at the Maemo-running Nokia smartphone,” so probably a bit of a typo there I would think.

Anyway if you simply just can’t stop getting enough info on the Meego packing Nokia N9 head on down and mash that play button for your daily fix…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N9 Another Hands On Video”

  1. Duncan Murray says:

    Actually it is running Maemo (version 6, Harmattan) – it’s not technically Meego, as it’s Nokia’s in-house effort, but it is compatible with Meego.

    The video states the multi-tasking view is ‘Nokia’s answer to widgets’. It isn’t. Nokia have used widgets in its Symbian and also Maemo phone (N900) before this – the N9 doesn’t have widgets. The multitasking view is the equivalent to the taskbar in windows – it just shows you the open applications and allows you to switch between them.

    This will be Nokia’s most powerful phone for at least the next 3 years if they really are going to ditch the linux OS and go with Windows Phone…

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