Choose and Setup Properties via Property Manager App

Choose and property manager to perfection, we are talking about a very good app for iOS devices called “Property Manager” by Being Properties, this will help you set up your properties with ease.

This brilliant app called “Property Manager” has been specifically designed so that you can manage multiple properties with multiple tenants, it does not matter if you are a real estate investor, property management-company or even a landlord, this app will give you all the benefits at your fingertips promising a lot of features.

Users of this app will be able to access your very own buildings, images, tenant and lease information, building information, operating expenses per building and the app will calculate positive or negative cash flow per unit, create work orders for projects and so much more.

You can create properties, add images, enter operating expenses such as electrical cost/water cost/landscape cost/mortgage cost and so forth, add apartments to your property such as tenant first name/lease ends/tenant last name/lease begins/phone number/mobile number/rental income and much more.

Once you desired property has been created users will be able to view so much leaving the hard managing behind with the easy managing stepping forward.

Other features include:
Creating Work Orders, Export Feature and so much more. For more information please visit iTunes (App Store). Just so you know this app will allow uses to export all your text information into a .csv file (which excel can read).

If you already have Property Manager installed on your iOS device, please do send in your personal reviews. The more you tell us the more other readers will learn.

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