Apple Dominance: iPhone 5 and 4S Unlocked September Releases

Remember the Apple iPhone 3G and then the next release being the iPhone 3GS? The latest news reports that both the iPhone 5 and a new iPhone 4S unlocked will be released in September.

The next iPhone to be released has caused a bit of a stir online with reporters, especially when it comes to the new name of the Apple device, will it be the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4G or the iPhone 4S? New findings via Fortune, suggests two new devices named the iPhone 5 and 4S will be released.

Chris Whitmore via Deutsche Bank is supplying clients’ information saying customers should expect both iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 will have the same design according to iPhone Hacks, they also mention that the fifth-generation smartphone will have a better camera at 8-megapixel and a faster processor.

If Apple produces two iPhone releases in September we can see this doing Nokia and RIMM some serious damage, especially if Apple decide to release an unlocked version as well, even more so if the price range for the iPhone 5 is between $300 to $500 and the unlocked iPhone 4S price tag being at around $349.

There are a lot of customers who prefer to pay the full amount up front for an iPhone, so it makes perfect sense to keep the price as low as possible for maximum sales.

There is only one downside that we can pick from all of this, releasing the iPhone 5 and the unlocked iPhone 4S means Apple really need to be ahead of their game, especially when it comes to the production line. The lower the price is the higher the sales will be, instead of the normal release each year of one iPhone, two releases will ramp up sales like never before.

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