Pointless iPhone 4 Accessories: Titanium Case Debate

Is there really any point releasing new Apple iPhone 4 accessories, especially when the new iPhone 5 smartphone is nearing release? Case Mate has just made available a new iPhone 4 Titanium Premium metal case for a staggering $300.

Come on now, $300 for an iPhone 4 case. How many customers will jump from the iPhone 4 to the new iPhone 5? iPhone Rumors were the first to mention if this case is pointless, they mention that the iPhone 4 is at the end of its life and the iPhone 5 release will happen soon. What we have to say to iPhone Rumors is “The iPhone 5 may not get a re-design, which means the expensive titanium case will fit the new upcoming Apple smartphone”.

Got to admit though, the iPhone 4 Titanium metal case by Case Mate is stunning but a tad too expensive for our liking.

The iPhone 4 Titanium Premium Metal Case will fit all iPhone 4 versions including AT&T, Verizon and other worldwide. It is machine from one single piece of titanium to give strength, it also has a featured laser etched logo and you will need to fit it yourself.

It requires minor assembly; the case comes with a mini-screw driver, buttons (Volume, On/Off, Mute), screws and a tool kit. Personally for $300 I expect an engineer to come out and fir it for me.

Please let us know what you think about this case, do you think it is expensive or pointless considering the iPhone 5 release is close? Check out the video provided below.


One thought on “Pointless iPhone 4 Accessories: Titanium Case Debate”

  1. ILYAS PATEL says:

    Looks good but there is no chance someone is going to buy this case for that price. Especailly when there is new IPhone set to release. I know the new IPhone is meant to have the same shape but those are just rumours. Even if it does have the same shape I for one would still not shell out that much money for just a case. Pathetic price.

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