How to Consumer Complaint with AT&T Mark the Spot App

If you are on the AT&T network and wish to know how to send in complaints, feedback or report problems with call or data problems, you may want to check out the ‘AT&T Mark the Spot’ iOS app for Apple devices.

AT&T Mark the Spot is a great application that allows users to submit reports of call or data problems, it is a great feedback app that is very simple to use.

Users can also submit real time reports that capture local GPS coordinates at time and place of event, optional additional comments about an event, submit reports after the fact when a customer is not at the place where the event occurred, you can even view nearby AT&T Wi-Fi locations.

Once you have install this app on your device you will be able to register to view news on upcoming and completed network updates related to submitted Mark The Spot reports.

We also like the carousel menu that allows users to access to network news, tips, feedback and even optimization techniques. AT&T cares about its customers and this app proves that. For more information please visit iTunes where you can download for free.

If you have any problems with AT&T call or data please do let us know in the commenting area provided below.


One thought on “How to Consumer Complaint with AT&T Mark the Spot App”

  1. The only company that has an app to let them know how pathetic their network is, something that they should be doing to monitor to begin with.

    What’s the use of marking anything if the network is down? And the feedback or response from them is zero. You don’t know how effective this is. Can you really trust a company that has repeatedly lied and told half-truths about their network and build-out for the last 3.5 years?

    Really? Real time submissions? “Real” Time submissions with unreal time response. Only att could be so bold and lie with a straight face. This app does nothing but play defense for them.

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