Two New iPhone 4 Cases: Griffin & Threadless Limited Edition

There are many different types of Apple iPhone 4 cases, from weird to funny right up to pure crazy, but today we have two new limited edition cases courtesy of Griffin and Threadless joining forces.

Griffin Technology and Threadless have just launched two new limited edition iPhone 4 cases, these are new to the UK called the Snowfall and Swan Song. They are both priced at £24.99 and can be purchased via online stores and Apple stores.

The Snowfall and Swan Song designs were created via the awesome Threadless crowd-sourcing system; this is where artists can show of their art. They can upload designs and then fans can vote on them, the ones that get the most votes will then be made into T-shirts, the ones that are selected will also be chosen by Griffin and Threadless who in return will make them in iPhone cases also.

The new cases only add a mere 1mm more to the thickness of your iPhone 4, and will protect the smartphone from scratches; all ports and buttons are easily accessible.

If you look at the picture below the Snowfall iPhone 4 case is on the left and the Swan Song case is on the right, they are simple but very elegant designs giving your handset that little extra class. Remember they are both limited editions, which means they will sell out fast. Will you be buying one?

Threadless designer, Ross Zietz is the one behind the Swan Song and Cory Remjeske, a 26 year old with 18 Threadless creations to his name designed the Snowfall art.

Maybe you would like to send some art in, maybe you could get popular. There are many other designs and can be purchased via Society 6, these designs that are put onto iPhone 4 cases are stunning and of high quality.

We got this information via an email today and must say, we cannot find the Snowfall or Swan Song iPhone 4 cases anywhere, in the email it said “Griffin Technology + Threadless are launching two new limited edition iPhone 4 cases to the UK market. Snowfall and Swan Song are priced at £24.99 each and are both available from Apple stores nationwide and online.”

Now we have tried finding them and coming up with nothing, maybe we are searching wrong. If you can find them please do send us a link in the commenting area below so that it makes it easy for other readers here. Thanks

Please let us know what is your favourite Threadless iPhone 4 case by choosing one from here, once you have found one please let us know the name of the design in the commenting area provided below. Thanks gain and enjoy.

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