AT&T iPhone Standard Insurance Price, Cheaper than Verizon

Verizon needs to step up the game a little and offer cheaper insurance on Apple iPhones; AT&T as from July 17 will offer new upgraded or activated iPhones standard mobile insurance.

The insurance price for the iPhone over with Verizon Wireless is $10.99 a month per device, this comes with a $169 deductible for the 16GB model and $199 and for the 32GB model, they also offer a $6.99 a month for other mobile phones (Non-iPhone ones) such as Motorola, HTC etc and Research in Motion carrying a cheaper $99 deductible, you can read more information on this via Apple insider.

AT&T is offering its insurance plan for iPhones for only $4.99 a month, so a lot cheaper than Verizon. Formerly known as the Wireless Phone Insurance the new AT&T Mobile Insurance program will allow customers to enrol within 30 days of a new activation or upgrade, prior activations or upgrades outside of 30 days are not eligible.

The new AT&T Mobile Insurance program at only $4.99 a month premium, covers mechanical or electrical failure, accidental damage, loss and theft after manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. The plan’s deductible runs $50 or $125 per approved claim, customers should also learn that only two claims are allowed within a 12-month period.

9to5Mac reports that if your iPhone has liquid damage, you will not qualify within your warranty, you can read the official terms over on Apple’s website. The question we would like answered is “Is it better to use the AT&T insurance plan, or just stick with Apple direct?”

Is it a good thing that AT&T is doing a way with dedicated iPhone insurance plans in favour of the new standard mobile insurance plan?

The AT&T Mobile Insurance for upgrades and new activations: Costs $4.99 Monthly Premium per iPhone, this plan includes cover protection for accidental damage, stolen, lost, electrical or mechanical failure once the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. What you need to know: This is non-refundable deductible ($50/$125 per approved claim, depending on the device model); the replacement time is the next business day. For more information please visit the official AT&T Page.


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  1. Don’t sign up for this! It is going up to $6.99 per month plus a $199 deductible as of 10/1. They won’t tell you this when you sign up!! I was told everything was covered for $4.99 per month with no deductible. Then after being billed, I get a letter telling me the iPhone is not eligible for this rate! The iPhone insurance is $11.99 per month plus a $199 deductible! So if after one year you need to replace your phone, it would cost you $342.88 plus activation fee of $35 and taxes on the total amount. Over $400!!!! Save your money, AT&T lies, and has an insurance partner “Asurion” or “Continental Casualty Company” DO NOT tell you about the “fine print” I love the iPhone, HATE THE COMPANY!!!

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