Nokia N9 UK Price Mystery & Country Availability Check List

When it comes to the Nokia N9 UK release and price it seems the word “Mystery” is stamped on this one. For some unknown reason the new upcoming smartphone is not listed on the availability page on official Nokia website.

If you visit the Nokia website you will see a drop down list that contains countries, you just click on the desired country and it will let you know if it is available or not, United Kingdom is NOT on this list, which tells us UK residents will not be getting the pleasure of a Nokia N9 release.

Now we decided to look deeper into this, and even the Telegraph website by way of T3 reports that the Nokia N9 may not release in the UK, this is madness because this handset is getting a lot of attention at the moment and could indeed be the phone to help Nokia and its sales.

The Digital Phone Company has the Nokia N9 listed on its website with a price tag of £499.99 for the SIM free handset and free if you decide to go on contract, you can pre-order this phone now. To us this seems a little strange because the main Nokia website does not have UK listed.

A few hands-on reviews have hit the web including one from MSN (Tech & Gadgets), they say the overall early verdict is fairly good with the feel of the phone in the hand even though it is plasticy, but their main worry is the support side of things. They mention that they cannot see many more MeeGo devices emerging, read the full hands-on review by clicking the link above.

CNET has given the Nokia N9 the once over as well, mentioning that on the positive side the innovative button-free front powered by swipe gestures are very good, other good features include the curved 3.9-inch screen and that some apps and games are pre-loaded. On the negative side they say that the handset is powered by the MeeGo operating system, which is a little strange considering even Nokia has lost interest in it; they also report that it will have few apps and updates. Read the full review here.

The Nokia N9 main features include the MeeGo OS, 3.9-inch 854×480 pixel display featuring Gorilla glass, swipe features, 64GB onboard storage, 1GB RAM, Quad-band GSM, NFC, Penta-band CDMA support, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 8-megapixel camera.

What do you think? The Nokia N9 is not listed on Nokia’s availability page for the UK, but it does look like that Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand will be getting it, Singapore will also be getting the Nokia N9 pleasure.

Please keep coming back because we will update this page, do you think the Nokia N9 will release in the UK?


One thought on “Nokia N9 UK Price Mystery & Country Availability Check List”

  1. Nokia finally do a great phone but cos of their boss’s (elop) insistance on going to WP7 they seem not to care about anything else…. surely do they not realise if I wanted a WP7 fone I would of bought one ages ago by the numerious manufactures already selling them.

    Meego looks good and should be the way nokia should of went…. I will buy one if possible from australia and just import it to the UK if need be…

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