UFO Sighting Locations & Alien Encounters via Apps

UFO and alien encounters has always been left unexplained, have you seen a UFO or is it all imagination? This has always been a very hot topic to talk about, UFO sightings around the world have been posted online and now we have four top iPhone apps on UFO sighting locations and alien encounters. We hope you like them

The first app is called “UFO Sightings Near You”; this can be downloaded via iTunes and is only £1.19, before we let you know about the app you must be aware that you will need an Internet connection for the application to work fully. This app allows members to submit and share UFO sightings and experiences online, main features include 10 to 30 new eyewitness accounts are added each day, browse over 6,000 UFO sightings listed by country, submissions reviewed and published within 72 hours of receipt and much more.

The next iOS app is simply called “Aliens”; this app is only £0.59p (iTunes). So what is the truth about aliens? Call it conspiracy theory or not but can the photographic evidence, can historical and archaeological evidence be true? This app includes facts about aliens in historical and modern contexts; also contain photos of ‘gray’ aliens, and animals that look like they do not belong in this world.

The third application via iTunes for iOS devices is a little more expensive at £3.49, but then you do get more for your money, this app is called “Unexplained Sightings: Mysteries of the Unknown”. This one gives you the truth about UFO’s, the paranormal and mysterious creatures. We like the bit where it says “Warning: This app contains shocking imagery of unexplained phenomena, it will change your life.

Main features of this app contains real uncovered collections of sightings around the world, evidence of UFO’s, cryptozoological phenomenon, unidentified creatures, government declassified super technologies, alien skeletons, and top secret military aircraft developed from alien technologies and paranormal apparitions. How about information on alien abductions, and much more? This app is a must, are you ready for the truth, can you handle it? No Internet connection needed.

The last iPhone app is called “Report a UFO”, this is a simple app but well worth installing seeing as it is only £0.59p. Even though the price is low it does contain a lot. Since 1947 it has been reported that a staggering 150 million people have witnessed UFO sightings with 20,000 of the landings being documented. This app allows you to report a UFO sighting, once you have installed the app you will see on the main menu: time, location, object shape, movement, witnesses, weather conditions and much more.

If you have any of the above named apps installed on your iOS devices, please do send in your personal reviews. Your opinions are important to us and of course other readers will appreciate your input. Thanks

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