Animals in Space Games via iPhone Apps

Animals in space first happened in space were fruit flies in 1947, and a Rhesus Monkey called Albert II, was the first monkey in space in 1949. So how about leaving reality behind just for today and check out some iPhone apps of animals in space.

The first app for the iPhone called “Monkeys in Space: Escape to Banana Base Alpha”, this is a highly addictive game where you need to help helpless monkeys get back to their Banana Base stations. All you need to do is draw strategic lines to direct the monkeys in the right direction, try not to let the monkeys touch though as this is not good at all.

Main features of the above app include: Monkeys in Space is OpenFeint enabled, Monkeys in Space features 4 maps, multi-touch enabled, listen to the custom track or listen to your own music, the game also features auto save. If the monkey is too close to asteroids they start to panic. See what you think of the £1.19 game by visiting iTunes or the App Store.

The next iPhone app is “Panda in Space”, oh yes another animal is in space. This game via iTunes is only 59p where all the pandas for some unknown reason, eats all the strawberries, only eat these and avoid other stuff or it will not look pretty. Just download and have a little fun with it, the game is a little silly but fun at the same time. Main features include: a rainbow spewing panda, HD graphics for retina displays, GameCentre leader board and that is a bout it.

Moo your way over to iTunes and download the 59p app called “Cows in Space” Cows in air bubbles are floating in space, can you help them? This is one of those games you will not really like, but for some unknown reason it works well and makes you go back to it. It has been featured on Apple’s “New and Noteworthy” and “Hot New Games” section.

Cows in Space features: 60 Challenges, A galactic mess, Zero gravity environment where you need to use beams to get the motion going, Receive “Star Ranks” based upon your jelly shooting skills, Strange floating items, Achievements, Totally innovative never-before-seen game play.

Now you can really see what it is like to see animals in space, if you have either of the three games mentioned above on your iOS device, please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks

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