Nintendo Shuns Developing Games For Android or IOS

Well now it appears that games giant Nintendo have no plans on developing games for Android smartphones or the iPhone and Apple iPad. Apparently a recent rumour had speculated that Nintendo was planning on developing for both mobile platforms after the Pokemon Company announced it would be developing for iOS and Android.

However according to the guys over at Android Community by way of Bloomberg, its highly unlikely the Wii and DS console maker will develop their games for the iOS and Android platforms with spokesman for Nintendo Yasuhiro Minagawa stating that “Nintendo’s strategy to develop software on for its own hardware hasn’t changed and won’t change.”

Apparently Nintendo owns 32 percent of the Pokemon Company, and the firm announced in early July that they would be delivering one of their games to both the iOS and Android platforms sometime this summer.

However, Nintendo says that the Pokemon Company isn’t controlled by them and is an independent company and thus can develop for the iOS and android mobile platforms even though Nintendo doesn’t.

Cosmo Securities Co analyst Mitsuo Shimizu says, “Nintendo should consider developing games for smartphones or players that can also act as mobile phones, as it suits the lifestyles of many people.”

Considering Nintendo is suffering somewhat in the gaming market at the moment due to stiff competition in the gaming arena from the likes of Android and Apple as more and more people switch from consoles to smartphone gaming, one would have thought Nintendo would be quite willing to open up to developing their games for the mobile arena.

Obviously others think so because apparently on the back of the announcement that the Pokemon Company would deliver their Tap game to smartphones later in the year, Nintendo shares rose 4.9 percent, the most since the 16th of March.

As we know, Sony has already jumped into the mobile space with PlayStation games via the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and as posted earlier the Sony S1 tablet will have PlayStation Suite to deliver PlayStation certified games to the Android tablet.

Thus is seems a tad puzzling to me why Nintendo simply refuse to enter the mobile space, as I am sure there are many classic Nintendo games that aren’t really played much anymore and if delivered to smartphone could possible boost Nintendo revenue. All I can think of is that Nintendo wants to keep people using consoles, but eventually I believe the console will have its final day and most will have joined the mobile gaming arena.

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