Software Flaw in iPhone, iPad: The Real Issue, Hackers Needed

Apple iPhone and iPad software has a bug in its system, where security experts reported that criminals could gain access to gain remote control over the devices; the latest findings via hackers should be taken seriously.

On Wednesday, which is the day JailbreakMe released its new jailbreak is when the security flaw in Apple’s operating system was found, the new jailbreak allows users to change / modify what they like to the iOS via jailbreaking.

Apps that are not approved by Apple can be used if iOS devices are jailbroken, which means customers have their own control. Now seeing as there could be a bug in Apple’s software means that criminal hackers could manipulate the code and build malicious software and virus so to speak. Reuters mentions that Patrik Runald, a senior researcher with the Internet security firm Websense quoted “If you are a malicious attacker, it is fairly doable,”

Apple has not released an iOS update for a little while, it seems they should release a new one to protect customers from malicious software that will get around the exploits of the flaw.

Trudy Muller, Apples spokeswoman said that they know of the problem and that they are developing a fix in their next iOS update. Apple always voices its opinion when its comes to jailbreaking its devices and that if customers do this it makes their products warranty void.

The security flaw within the iOS software could affect millions of iPhones and iPads, as well as iPods. When you look at the grand scale of numbers, 18-million iPhones were sold in the first three months of this year and a staggering 25-million iPads since last year.

According to Runald malicious PDF document file could by creating to exploit the iOS vulnerability, and when customers open such documents, Apple devices would get infected. Once this process is done, criminal hackers can do what they please like password theft, emails and documents stolen and so forth.

Hacker legend Comex has suggested that Apple could indeed patch the software, if they do this it will keep criminal hackers at bay.

The Real Issues & Why Hackers are needed: Apple do NOT like jailbreaks and they have made that clear, they like to have total control over everything they do. Personally we believe that hackers are needed and should not be punished, think about this for a moment or two; hackers find a bug in the system and then once found Apple can fix the issue, without hackers finding such flaws criminals would gain access so quick Apple’s feet would not even touch the ground.

Sony was a little late on the ball when its PlayStation got hacked, leaving millions affected. Hackers are needed to stop future problems. Apple should allow customers to do what they like with their devices once bought, they paid for it so let them enjoy. If Apple chose to have their devices open (Open Source) then jailbreaks would not be needed, come on Apple allow users the choice of third-party developers (Never going to happen is it).

We are not taking sides at all here, but it would be nice for Apple to step forward and let all our readers here on PhonesReview why they will not let customers have control. We will let our readers discuss this matter; do you think Apple devices should be open sourced, and by doing so will decrease hacker numbers?

The hacker who found this software flaw within Apple’s software, should be praised, do you agree or disagree?

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