Rogers Canada Wireless (Ottawa) LTE Network Launch, Reserve Rocket sticks

Do you live in Ottawa? If the answer is yes you will be very happy to know that Rogers Canada Wireless has just launched it’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, and yes those in Ottawa will be Canada’s first to experience the power.

Rogers will be releasing the LTE rollout this fall in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, with another 21 countries following in 2012, Rogers will also be releasing new LTE smartphones from Samsung and HTC later this year.

LTE with higher speeds and lower latency than 4G HSPA+, will give you a whole new experience, great from web-search, gaming and rich multi-media communications, plus much more.

When it finally launches there will be a product called “LTE Rocket stick”, those that live in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver can reserve this product via the Rogers Reservation System, which will be extended to accept Rocket stick reservations until 9:00 a.m. EST, Monday, July 11, this will secure you a place in line for the device.

The Rocket Stick can provide up to download speeds of up to 75 Mbps on the Rogers LTE network, and give a range of 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps, as it evolves you could expect up to 150 Mbps maximum theoretical download speeds. Rocket Stick main features include: AWS for connectivity on the Rogers LTE network, Stand-alone GPS and A-GPS, Tri-band HSPA+ /Quad-band EDGE for connectivity on the Rogers 4G HSPA+ network and roaming in over 190 countries, plus MicroSD reader supporting up to 32 GB expandable memory storage. It will work with Windows 7, Vista, and XP, plus Mac OS x 10.5 or later. There are two prices, the first being $79.99 with a 3-year hardware discount agreement, or $169.99 with no term.

Starting today Ottawa customers can get their hands in the LTE Rocket Stick from these locations: Rogers Plus, 11 Selkirk St., Rogers Plus, 1379A Woodroffe Ave., Rogers Authorized Dealer — Wireless Express, 205 Richmond Rd and Rogers Authorized Dealer — Go Communications, 901 Carling Ave.

If you live in another city then might we suggest you sign up at IwantmyLTE.ca, by doing so you will be notified when LTE is coming to your area, you will also get updates when the roll out begins. Please do visit rogers.com/lte for more information.

Please do let us now when LTE network is active in your area, we would also love for you to let us know if it runs smoothly or if you encounter any problems. The more information you give us the better, bookmark this page and then fill up that commenting area below.

Source — Rogers Redboard

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