US Galaxy S II Release Delayed Carriers Blamed

Whilst virtually everywhere else across the globe gets to play with the successor to the highly successful Samsung Galaxy S, over in the good ole US of A, the Android faithful have yet to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S II, and apparently the reason for that delay in launching the device in the US is the US carriers.

According to an article over on Gottabemobile, a recent report from The Chosunilbo claims that a Samsung exec says the reason the Android 2.3 Gingerbread packing Samsung Galaxy S II hasn’t see launch in the United States is due to negotiations with US carriers “dragging on.”

The article reports the Samsung exec as stating…” Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged on.”

Furthermore, apparently another reason given for the delay with the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is down to Motorola smartphones, basically the article claims that Motorola produce smartphones better suited to the US CDMA network, which means US carriers have less reason to take on Sammy devices no matter how successful they are in other parts of the globe.

The report goes on to state…” When the Galaxy S smartphone was launched last year, no competing new models by Motorola and HTC of Taiwan were available. As far as U.S. telecoms were concerned, the Galaxy S was the only alternative to the iPhone last year. But the new model faces much tougher competition.”

So basically as I see it, if true, this unnamed Samsung exec is saying that one of the reasons the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t yet available in the United States is because of the upcoming iPhone 5 and the threat the next generation iPhone along with other rival smartphones pose to Galaxy S II sales in the US.

The article doesn’t state what these “negotiations” concern, nor does is say what carriers seem to be dragging it out.

Old Sammy has stated that the Samsung Galaxy S II is their fastest selling smartphone taking the record for selling 3 million handsets in 55 days, a record previously held by the original Galaxy S, but apparently half those sale were due to home ground purchases.

Personally I think Samsung should bite the bullet, and get the negotiations over with as soon as possible, and deliver the Samsung Galaxy S II to those who want it in the US whether the iPhone 5 comes out in September or not should even enter the equation as there will always be tougher competition from rivals.


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