How to blow an interview not acceptable, apps to help

Have you ever wondered if you blew it in a job interview? There maybe some of you that would like to mess up a job interview on purpose just so you did not get the job, but then there are others who are determined to get the job and would like advice on how to do well, and to blow a job interview is not acceptable.

Well below we have a few apps that will help you a long the way, the first app we have is quite unique and called “Blow The Job Interview” By JimBoney Software (iTunes), this app is one will help you if you do not want the job. You must have had this answer in a job interview “Why did you leave you last job?” This app will give you help on how to come up with an answer that will guarantee you will lose the job.

The next app is “Essential Interview Organizer” (iTunes), this app is for all those who is going for a job interview etc. It features more than 100 selected job interview questions, expert advice and a key insight in hierarchical groups laid out flat for ultra convenient access. This app has the “Start Interview” feature, with the date, time and name of the interviewee recorded. It also features the interviewee organizer for process and guidelines for different vacancies, basically in a nutshell keeps accurate records of all interviews. This is a very good app to install onto your device.

The third app is “Ace Any Job Interview”, this app says it all in the name. If you are preparing for an interview then might we suggest this one, do not worry if you are a little nervous that is normal, but this app will help you through it. This app has features covering what it takes to succeed and how to ease your way through any interview with effective tips, for more information please visit iTunes and learn a little more.

This next app is one of our favourites, please do not count on our word though. This app is called “ExpertVideo: Job Interviews” (iTunes). It contains many videos featuring job interview tips, it will help you prepare for that interview. The videos help you a lot where you can get practice and information on how to be successful, gives you advice via prospective employers and head hunters about what they look for in a job interview. Main features include: Optional live user chat, Over 20 job interview tutorials, High quality videos streamed immediately to you, and Videos are optimized to your current connection speed, but work best with Wifi enabled.

Contains these videos: How To Ace A Job Interview, 10 Things Employers Want From A New Hire, Interview Dos And Don’ts, Body Language Expert: Job Interview, Interview Skills – Part 1 & 2, Job Interview (Simulation), Job Interview Skills, The Interview: Interview Questions – Behavioural Questions, Professional Interviewing Skills, plus so much more, and we MUCH more.

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