360 Web Browser iPad, iPhone App: Firefox Sync & Flash

This app called 360 Web Browser Lite is for the iPhone and iPad, offers many features including the ability to play flash videos as well as a Firefox Sync.

This is all about getting the most our of your browser on your iOS device, this is a very unique app that features Mozilla Firefox sync that offers you bookmarks, tabs, history, tabs and also long tap on Sync Bookmarks to reveal the option of importing them to 360 Bookmarks.

It also has a cool feature called “360 ARC & 360 FS aka Full Screen ARC”, this basically allows users to access many functions including Search Text, Toggle Full Screen, Plug-ins, Navigating Tabs and much more.

The new download manager feature lets you download anything you wish via the 360 Browser, that allows you to view all supported content within the app. Other features include: Intelligent Tabbing, Media Player, Dropbox, over 20 features that can be mapped to 9 Multi Touch Gestures and cool Plug-Ins that lets you add and manage the plug-ins to suit your needs, you can choose many options such as Plugins including Instapaper/Evernote/Firebug Lite and more.

You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more, plus a cool feature called Quick Access List. The quick access list allows users to maintain and access 5 to 10 favourites and thumbs of users visited etc.

Other Features Include: True Full Screen, Customize your Full Screen, Long Tap to reveal more, Remember Passwords, Password Lock, Smart Search, Custom Cache, History, Hyper-Scroll, plus Search Suggest, Bookmarks and many more features (Around 200 more in fact).

For more information please visit the App Store or iTunes, below we have added a video of this cool app courtesy of DigitalPokeApps. If you already have this app, please do send in your personal reviews and opinions.

Redmond Pie has some very useful information on 360 Web Browser for iPad and the iPhone, they explain that it has a strong plugin architecture and thanks to things such as the Clip Converter you can get videos from popular sites such as Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, YouTube, Veoh, Metacafe, MyVideo and more. It is not the best for watching flash video but it is getting very close on an iOS device.


One thought on “360 Web Browser iPad, iPhone App: Firefox Sync & Flash”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I use this browser all day long, there are so many tools and apps within the browser that i don’t see any reason for keeping any others on my phone!
    I understand 360 Browser will be hitting PC screens in the near future, if the rumours are true then it will be time for all other mainstream popular browsers to come up with some real special ideas and innovation to compete.
    I, for one, can’t wait !

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