How to speak Klingon via translator & dictionary apps

Star Trek fans will know all about the Klingons and their language, the language also known as tlhIngan Hol (ˈt͡ɬɪŋɑn xol) is very hard to speak and of course understand, but some people can actually have conversations with each other. We have put together three iOS apps on how to speak Klingon via translator and dictionary just for you.

The first app is £5.99 via iTunes (App Store) and is called “Star trek: Klingon Dictionary”. This iOS iPhone app comes with more than 1000 entries, main features in this regulation Starfleet Klingon Dictionary includes searchable lexicon, with verb conjugations and number translation. This Klingon Dictionary has been set up with Ultralingua’s Quick Qlick Interface, which allows users to switch to Conversational Klingon and the Klingon Phrasebook.

Other features include: Interactive, two-way bi-lingual text from English to Klingon and back, Number Translation, Compatible with the Klingon Phrasebook and Conversational Klingon for a complete set of language tools, History of searched terms and Verb Conjugation.

The next app is “Star trek: Klingon Suite” and costs one pound more than the one above at £6.99 via iTunes (App Store). This is a great app for cadets at Starfleet Academy; this application will take you to the top of the promotion list and will teach you so much.

This app contains 100 percent of the Klingon Dictionary / Conversational Klingon / Klingon Phrasebook into a full set of language tools. Main features include: Interactive, two-way bi-lingual text from English to Klingon and back, Verb Conjugation, Text timed with the Conversational Klingon audio for an added learning aid, History of searched dictionary terms, Number Translation (Critical for targeting!), Listen-and-repeat audio format, Searchable audio and Audio phrase pronunciation with volume control.

The last app we have for you is called “Your Words (English Klingon Learning Dictionary” and is the cheapest of the apps here for only £2.39 via iTunes (App Store). This app is simple to use but quite challenging at the same time, increase the Klingon word power. This app contains more than 6000 words from the Klingon English dictionary; it also features real time suggestions for easier and faster searches and an archive section. Can you handle the quiz challenge?

You do not need Internet connect to use this app, main features include: Lightning fast searches with ‘As you type’ suggestions, Archive section, Smart Quizzes and fully embarked dictionary.

Please let us know if you can speak Klingon, we cannot wait to hear from you. If you know some words please give them to us in Klingon and the English translation please. Thanks


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you use webOS, there is a Klingon dictionary on that too.

    The only problem with the iOS apps is that there is no grammar guide. You still need a copy of the Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand to actually put the words together correctly.

    ‘ej jav SaD mu’mey ghajbe’ tlhIngan Hol. wej SaD mu’mey ghaj.
    Klingon doesn’t have 6000 words, it only has about 3000 words.

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