HTC Nexus 3 aka Google Plus Phone, Facebook Status Rival

The US version of the HTC ChaCha, called the HTC Status is the phone with the Facebook integrated button, so what will Google have up its sleeve to compete. Well how about a new HTC Nexus 3 aka Google Plus dedicated handset.

Earlier today Phones Review colleague James published an article featuring a video of the HTC Status AT&T phone being handled on video, please watch this here.

Google+ or Google Plus say it how you want to, is becoming very popular indeed, so much so millions have joined (Please visit my Google+ Profile). Seeing as HTC has released the Status Facebook phone it stands to reason that there should be a new Google+ dedicated phone and this could come to us by the name of HTC Nexus 3.

Now the Nexus 3 aka Google+ phone is all speculation at the moment, but it makes sense to bring to the public a follow up to the Nexus S, if this does come to light then we can see this mobile phone being the iPhone 5 rival, take this rumour with a pinch of salt. We visited the Facebook G00GLEPLUS page, which seems to have a good following with 50,000 “likes” since last week, look at the image we have provided below, read that and see what you think.

Paul Allen who is the -founder of Ancestry.com is in my Google+ Circles, and he posted some information saying that Google+ is likely to reach more than 10 million accounts by today and by the weekend can see it reaching a massive 20-million.

The HTC Status runs the Android operating system and comes with a dedicated Facebook button, and we believe that Google should have its own dedicated Google+ phone aka HTC Nexus 3. We reported not so long ago mentioning that the dedicated Facebook phone that runs on Android OS was pointless; Google should promote themselves up not Facebook.

Android phones are selling more than any other at the moment and it should feature the Google+ button, the new social networking site is doing very and could see the Nexus 3 by HTC selling like hot cakes smashing all phone sale records.

Do you think there will a new HTC Nexus 3 Google+ phone released anytime soon?

Google+ is still in beta stages at the moment and tests are still running, we love it very much and can see this being amazing and even more so once out of beta. A dedicated Google+ phone will be so wanted and with the ability to share photos, videos, do status updates etc makes sense doesn’t it?

Pushing the boat out a little here, how about a new HTC Nexus 3 Google+ smartphone running Google Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4? Now that is a question we would like to see comments on.

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  1. Rob Dunlop says:

    Pretty sure the next Nexus will be coming out with the next major update of the Android OS… What would be the point of releasing another Nexus with 2.3?

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