RIM Launching 7 New BlackBerry Handsets

As you are probably aware Research In Motion isn’t having a good time in the smartphone market space lately mainly due to BlackBerry users shifting their elegance from the BlackBerry platform over to the iPhone or Android handsets, but that doesn’t mean RIM is ready to throw in the towel just yet as they are going to launch seven new BlackBerry smartphone to the mobile space.

According to an article over on The Guardian, Jim Balsillie, the co-CEO of Research In Motion has said that RIM plans on launching seven new BlackBerry smartphones in the coming months and all will run BlackBerry OS 7.

According to Balsillie there have been some delays is releasing BlackBerry OS 7; however launching the seven new devices would enable the company to remain on track for meeting their financial guidance this year.

RIM’s other co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has said that the delays with BlackBerry OS 7 were down to their efforts to get their devices to meet market expectations and commented, “It may have delayed us, but we are going to come out ahead.”

Apparently analysts have been somewhat doubtful that RIM can meet their full year guidance after a last quarter profits fall along with Research In Motion’s share price hitting an all-time low, dropping more than 50 percent this year, with Rim currently valued at $13.6 billion as opposed to $75.2 billion in August 2008.

Research In Motion used to dominance the smartphone space with their BlackBerry handsets, but has been constantly struggling to come up with a BlackBerry that can actually compete against the likes of the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Apparently shareholders are “anxious to see what’s next on the company’s device roster,” whilst some have criticised the company’s lack of effort when it comes to marketing their smartphones against rivals like Apple.

The one thing the article doesn’t come forward with is what new BlackBerry smartphones they will be launching in the coming months, but we already know the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will come out to play running BlackBerry OS 7 and the BlackBerry Bold 9930.

According to figures from Comscore, RIM has lose roughly one million users in the United States while on the other hand the company last week announced they had gained one million users in the last 3-weeks in Europe, Middle East and Africa region.


3 thoughts on “RIM Launching 7 New BlackBerry Handsets”

  1. khris carrasquillo says:

    I believe that Blackberry has some game left, the only thing is they’re not showing they do. If they want to get the consumers they lost in the U.S. They need to start working on the QNX os and start loading up some Blackberry smartphones. That would probably gain them a fighting chance, and give them time to compete with iOs and Android platforms.

  2. khris carrasquillo says:

    RIM needs to understand that their consumers are not just business users, but also need to include that teenagers and average users like that Blackberry smartphone for its simplicity. They focus to much on what business users want versus on what everyone in general want and need. The youth wants to have a cool phone with a cool Os that stands out, meanwhile the businessman wants a phone that is cool but can get the job done. I’m the guy who would like the cool phone, cool Os and can get the job done. Who wouldn’t? If you’re paying big bucks, wouldn’t it be for the phone that can do all you expect it to do?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The handsets just came out and look very promising, I can’t wait to try them out myself.
    I’m so sick of this media hand-waving and talking more about the past stock price than about the actual devices.

    I think coming from their business roots it took RIM a while to wake up to the consumer world. Now it seems they finally did it.

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