Google Plus Invites via Smartphone Ideas, Your infographics: Update

We are giving readers the chance to get a Google Plus invite for a little bit of their knowledge, all you need to do is send us your Google+ dedicated smartphone ideas via infographics and we will invite you to the new service.

As you are all aware there is a new mobile phone called the HTC Status aka ChaCha, which features a dedicated facebook button? Well today we published an article about a Google Plus dedicated phone that could possibly be the Google HTC Nexus 3 smartphone.

If you visit the Facebook page called “GOOGLEPLUS”, you will see a message in there saying “I am revealing something big, well not just big it’s huge. We saw the official Google phone series. Firstly, the HTC Nexus One, Then the Samsung Nexus S. The third Nexus- Nexus 3(name not yet finalized) will be manufactured by HTC and will have the special one click-sharing button for Google+. P.S: Can’t show the proof yet but the news is from an official Google employee.”

Google+ is becoming very hot indeed and more and more people are joining up to the new social networking service, today is likely to hit 10-million accounts and we are giving you the chance to be a part of it. At the moment Google+ is in beta stages and you can only get in via invites and this is where we can help you.

All we asking from you for the chance of a Google Plus invite, is to send us your infographic ideas of what the next smartphone will look like with a dedicated Google+ button, just draw as a picture of your smartphone and what main features it will have.

Follow these instructions for the chance to get you Google+ invite:

1) Title of dedicated Google Plus Phone
2) Draw a rough picture of the phone
3) What features will the phone have
4) Scan your picture and then email it to us at mark@phonesreview.co.uk
5) When you send the picture please add your email address
6) Once we get your infographic we will send you and invite
7) Job Done

Please be inventive with the features: what size camera will it have, what operating system, size of display and resolution, will it be 3D, where will the quick access Google+ button be placed on the phone, what shape will it be. You get the idea.

You do not have to be an artist etc to draw a quick design, hope to receive your emails soon.

UPDATE: We have the cool infographic ideas from a few of our readers, check them out right here.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I must say Google Plus is pretty special something different. As the days move forward it will be big and many people will be doing both Google Plus and Facebook for a while.

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