Nokia to Promote Windows Phone Costing Big Bundle of Cash

What, you didn’t think Nokia was going to scrimp and penny pinch when it comes to promoting their new Windows Phone 7 smartphones did you, despite Nokia shedding numerous employees due to their failure to keep pace with the like of Android and the Apple iPhone in the mobile space.

According to an article over on Marketing Magazine, Nokia has plans on rolling out a major worldwide integrated campaign starting off in October, which happens to be the expected time they will push out their first Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

Apparently the cost of said campaign is about 80 million quid and obviously wants to draw the Windows Phone faithful into the Nokia ranks. Word is it will be a 6-month campaign and in the United Kingdom Nokia works with Wieden & Kennedy and others.

Not too sure if splashing out such a big bundle of cash on promoting Nokia Windows Phone can be all that moral considering Nokia boss Stephen Elop has announced 7000 job losses, 700 of which are in the United Kingdom but there you go.

When asked, a spokesperson for Nokia commented… ‘We are excited about the Nokia with Windows phone, but it’s not our policy to comment on specific campaigns for unannounced products.’

The head of brand and campaigns for Nokia, Adam Johnson says, “Nokia is committed to authenticity in our communications, using characters and situations that the British public can relate to.”

Apparently Nokia has also launched a campaign for their QWERTY toting devices with an advert made by Wieden & Kennedy, which has a flock of sheep making their way through the town of Godalming in Surrey, and on spotting the flock, Nokia users start sending out the alert to their friends via Facebook or instant message, or find another route. The advert apparently ends with the line, “Apps. Maps. Social. Completely connected QWERTY.”

Flock of sheep, yes sheep are very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs, or one could read that advert as people flocking to Nokia for their preferred smartphone, although I doubt it, and o Brits relate to sheep?

Do you think Nokia can pull themselves back to their former glory in the mobile space with the aid of Windows Phone, or do you think Android and iOS are simple too big rivals for Nokia to compete with? Personally I think Nokia has had its day as being top of the mobile arena and will have a very hard job at climbing back up.


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