Google Plus iPhone App Release, Apple Notorious Antics

Got to sit there and wonder why Apple has not yet released the Google Plus iPhone app, is Apple playing the notorious tactics game? Can they not see that Google+ is a phenomenon in the making; there is already the released Android app, so why is Apple delaying the inevitable.

As we all know Google has already released its application for Google+, but Google is still waiting on the Google+ application in the App Store to be approved.

Before we go on we thought we would let all iPhone users know that you can still use Google+ on your smartphone, all you need to do is go to Google Plus Mobile or login through the mobile version of plus.google.com website, it works ok whilst you wait for the iPhone app to be released.

Google has indeed developed its new Google+ app for the iPhone, but waiting for the approval of acceptance by Apple for it to be released to the App Store is like waiting for paint to dry and even then paint will dry quicker. Is Apple test Google’s patience or something, we can understand that Apple needs to assess apps for before approval because some apps can potentially damage iOS devices, but come Apple are you for real? Google has a solid platform and they are not stupid enough to make a corrupt app.

Could it be that Apple is delaying the app because of differences, and in that we mean Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was working with Android OS whilst still working for Apple, for more on this please visit ITProPortal.

Google sent the Google+ application to Apple about 2 weeks ago and yet Apple has still not approved it, Android users would not care about this at all as they have the app, but iPhone users care. All I say is “Wahey for Android users, maybe it is about time Android got some more customers”.

Apple, will you approve the Google Plus iPhone app, or will you reject it? It is a valid question. If you have comments to add please do so in the commenting area below this article. We would love to know from all iOS device users if they are wanting the Google Plus app or not.

Please visit our poll question below and vote if you want the iPhone app or not, gives us an idea how many Phones Review readers actually want it.

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8 thoughts on “Google Plus iPhone App Release, Apple Notorious Antics”

  1. Rudo Akil Boothe says:

    I love my iPhone! Tell them to just hurry it up already. The Safari mobile version is actually not that bad, but an app is always better!!

  2. Rajasekhar V. says:

    I am using iPhone but I hate it… Started using Android..Loved it…Definitely Android is Best in Mobile OS.. Compare to iOS. So many huddles for iPhone is some Regions… I hate it…!!!

  3. Jack Wasted Life says:

    Was this written as an ESL project or did you accidentally lodge your iPhone into your cerebrum while you were writing this?

  4. It’s getting ridiculous now. I’ve heard of apps getting submitted and approved within a week. I know there’s some kind of queue system but this is taking so long. I can’t help but think Apple are purposely dragging their heels with this one. Personally, I’m very impressed with the HTML5 Google+ web app but nothing compares to a native app with push notifications etc.

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