Apple, release Google Plus app or Android will be successor: Update

Apple fans are probably thinking what the heck are you talking about, why will Android become successor if they do not release the Google plus app. Let me explain a little, I may be wrong so do expect your comments to correct me so.

Google Plus is becoming one of the most talked about social networks ever, and we mean EVER. Google+ has managed to reach well over 10-million users and that is all based on invites only, and could reach a possible 40-50 million users by the end of this month.

If the network is growing at such a rate then it makes sense for Apple to release the Google+ app on its App Store, Android users are already getting the full benefit of the application and they love it because it is simple to use whilst on the go. We have all got to be stupid if we think Google+ accounts are all Android users, that would be madness to even think so, millions and millions of iPhones have been sold and many iOS device users have a Google+ account and for those to not have the app is just complete craziness.

If you go on a two-week growth pattern for Google Plus members joining, it is somewhere around 250-to-300% growth, now if the growth rate for invite members only is at this percentage it will only but be bigger when the normal sign-up process starts when Google Plus is out of beta.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, and Google can come close if not bigger than them and for Apple not playing ball could result in them losing millions of customers.

The Google Plus app for Android users allows them to stream, upload photos and videos, it also features the messaging service called ‘Huddles’, and much more, the app still needs a few more additions like resharing but these are teething problems.

I know many Apple iPhone users and they keep asking me “When will the Google+ app be release in the App Store”? This is a question I cannot answer, which to be frank is blooming annoying.

Android users are getting the full benefit of Google Plus, and having app to go with it is basically a smack in the face to iPhone users who are on the Google + social network. The app is needed Apple come on, your customers would love to post status’s / IM / Instant Message your friends in Google Plus phone-to-phone etc.

Google submitted the application to Apple around about July 4th, but are still waiting on Apple to approve it.

I have personally tried using the mobile version of Google Plus on the iPhone 4 and in a nutshell it is total crap, the iPhone needs the app and that is the bottom line.
Google Plus x Google+ App = Android domination, Google Plus x No Google+ app = iPhone users getting rather annoyed that they cannot get the full social network benefits whilst on the move, resulting in “Shall I change to an Android smartphone”.

Please do not read this article as a Android versus iOS, that is not what this is about, it is about a smartphone user getting the full benefits out of social networking whilst on the move and iPhone users a losing out here.

As we all know Apple is releasing the iPhone 5 later this year, and it is complete and utter madness if they do not release the Google Plus app. Google released its app straight away with no problems, we know Apple likes control and that is totally understandable so that its devices all work well together, but come on Apple you know well enough that Google would not submit its app to you with problems within.

The Google Plus social network is massive and Apple needs to be a part of it, there are many new Android smartphones coming out and they are becoming more and more powerful, the iPhone will soon enough lose its game as the top player. Use your savvy Apple and play ball, you NEED the Google Plus app and that is that.

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UPDATE: The Google+ iPhone app is now ready to download via iTunes, read more about it here.


4 thoughts on “Apple, release Google Plus app or Android will be successor: Update”

  1. Sascha Schneppmueller says:

    I am an iPhone 4 user and i really thought many times since the Android App release, that my next Phone will be an Android if Apple is holding back the G+ App for much longer. Your assumptions are not that wrong…

  2. I wish Apple would grow up and stop playing these passive aggressive games. While I’m not going to ditch iOS for Android, I am going to jailbreak my (future) iPhone 5 device if it means I can use Google+

  3. I wish Apple would grow up and stop playing these passive aggressive games. While I’m not going to ditch iOS for Android, I am going to jailbreak my (future) iPhone 5 device if it means I can use Google+

  4. Jeff Roloson says:

    I am a Blackberry user who is forced to use the crappy web based app. I am moving to Android at the end of this week I think. I love my BB, but I need a change and G+ and Android is where its at

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