HTC Kingdom and Bliss Cases Offered By Amazon

It appears that even though HTC hasn’t yet got around to officially announcing the HTC Kingdom and HTC Bliss smartphones, Amazon is already offering for purchase gel cases for both HTC devices via an Amazon merchant called Podjunkie.

According to an article over on Pocket Now, the gel skin protector cases are being displayed minus the smartphone they fit, and it’s not that unusual for an etailer to advertise accessories that are compatible with upcoming devices.

Having said that, it’s somewhat difficult to say that these gel cases will actually fit the HTC Kingdom and HTC Bliss as there have been no images released of said smartphones that actually show the back of the handsets.

Of the HTC Kingdom, we know that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone is destined to play nice on the Sprint network and packs a 4-inch qHD touch screen, 5 megapixel rear facing camera with 720p video, 1.3 megapixel front facing camera, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, has a 1.2 GHz single core processor, and is WiMAX capable.

As for the HTC Bliss, apparently it is the first Android smartphone that will focus on the ladies, will as rumour has it come in a shade of green, and have a soft touch casing whilst being 5mm thinner than the T-Mobile G2 and apparently will sport calorie counting and shopping application.

But other than that there’s not much detail known about the unannounced HTC Bliss when it comes to any real hard and fast specification and still remains a bit of a mystery other than word has it the device is destined to play nice on the Verizon network.

The Amazon HTC Kingdom and HTC Bliss gel case description states…” Slip your device into this amazing new gel case and instantly experience the sensual touch and the look of sophisticated styling. This case raises the bar with a designer pattern that screams chic! With our new slim-fitting low profile this case provides the robust protection of a hard case, and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. Carefully crafted for a precise fit, this case features full body protection in a slim, bulk-free fashionably aware package that enhances your device’s aesthetics. Delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards. Full access to all controls and a simple way to give your device a complete color make-over. Also includes a Qubits-branded Microfibre cleaning cloth specially designed for wiping the surface and screen of your device.”

Price wise the gel case for both the HTC Kingdom and HTC Bliss are being offered for $6.95 rather than the normal price of $16.50, but as there’s no word on when the handsets are coming out, there’s no real point in picking up a case beforehand is there.

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