Facebook then Google Plus, what next Yahoo It & Bing Me

Totally crazy and mental social networking future, the two big players when it comes down social networking is Facebook and Google Plus, and we know you can access both via mobile devices, so how about a stab in the dark for more companies.

Google saw the potential of social networking from Facebook and acted quick and released its new Google Plus network, they done the right thing because millions and millions of users are now signed up thanks to invites etc.

So we have a few ideas running around our heads, ok they are crazy ones but it is mid-week and thought we could do with a laugh.

There is Facebook and Google Plus as said above, so was wondering if other companies will get in on the act, how about “Yahoo It” or what about a new social network for Microsoft called “Bing Me”, come on you got to laugh. Do you think they will get in on the act?

We know they will never do such a thing, but we were all surprised when Google done it and look how successful it is going for them.

Yahoo needs to pull something out of the bag considering the company has seen a decline in net revenue, Yahoo shares are down more than 20 percent since their 52-week high of $18.84 in mid-May, they are also down 2.3 percent at $14.26 in after hours trading according to Reuters.

Smartphones are getting smarter and so is social networking, and mobile devices such as tablets and phones are the future, they are more popular than computers and laptops, mobile devices now have apps for Facebook and Google+ and the more people use these devices the more users will sign in to their social network accounts, more people using the more money the companies earn, it is a simple but easy way of earning money through advertising.

Do you think Yahoo and MSN will get in on the act and create a whole new social networking platform for its customers? Yes it is a crazy thought, but we like crazy ideas. MySpace is basically a no go now since Facebook and Google Plus came alive, but then MySpace is all over the place, too busy and mainly for the youngsters.

Please join me on our networks, you got a choice of Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, you never know we may make this list a little longer with Yahoo It and Bing Me.

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