Comic Con 2011 for Android & iPhone via buzzing apps

Comic Con 2011 has kicked of in San Diego and runs from 21 to 24 July, we have a few Android and iOS apps for you to enjoy but first let’s look at the latest news.

Comic Con is the place to be at the moment because films such as “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “The Avengers” and even ”MiB3”, the new Twilight movie is making an appearance as well. The event is going to be full of surprises, for example a 50-foot tall blue Smurf is there, anyway it is going to be eventful so now onto the apps we believe you will just love.

The first app is for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, this is the “Official Comic-Con App” and the app is aptly called that as well.

This app is brilliant and allows users access to Comic-Con 2011 schedules, maps and exhibitors; this is the best digital guide to the awesome San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon and APE. All the latest news, programs and much more can be accessed straight for your mobile device, find out who the special guests are, what are the exclusive items, awards and more. Other main features include: Comic-Con 2011 schedules, maps and information, Use your GPS to find the nearest shuttle stop, Search for panelists, special guests and more, plus you can set favorite panels and exhibitors. For more information please visit iTunes

The next app is called “Comic Con 2011 Live WP”, and this one is for all Android users. This app contains stunning and beautiful live wallpapers for Android devices, features sparkle animation, simple double tap gestures on desktop to show or hide clock & date info, swipe your finger on the screen to create new sparkles and watch them gently float around, many background pictures, the app also automatically changes the wallpapers every 15 seconds.

For more information about this Android app please visit the Android Market.

Loving Comic-Con is San Diego, whether you are there or not you can get some brilliant apps that will keep you busy. If you visit the Android Market you will see that they have the official DC Comics app for Android devices, DC Comics and comiXology have partnered to supply fans with a DC-branded app.

You can now enjoy comics whilst on the move, comics on mobile and tablet devices is a great move and fans will just love it, the DC Comics app is free and offers over 3,000 issues from the DC Comics and Vertigo libraries, the app maybe free but once inside you get the choice of comics priced from 99 cents to $2.99 per issue. The DC Comics app for Android will leverage ‘Google In-App Billing system’ to streamline the purchasing process for any comic fan by providing users the ability to include their billing information directly into the app at the point of purchase through the Android Market billing service. Users will also have the option of paying via Paypal as well.

For more official information about Comic Con 2011 please visit the official site right here, if you are there at the event please give us updates on what is happening. Thanks and love you all lots.

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