Join Phones Review on Google Plus: The Smart Choice

Google Plus has taken the world by storm and is becoming a phenomenon, and I would love for you to be a part of it. Phones Review has been writing about mobile technology, apps, smartphones, networks and so much more for over 5 years now and we have a great following, we would like it to grow.

I am Mark Chubb and created Phones Review back in 2006, and already have Twitter, Facebook and now the new kid on the block Google Plus. I decided this time not to set up a social network under the name of Phones Review but instead the name of Mark Chubb.

The reason I set Google+ up under the name Mark Chubb is because I would like to get to know my readers more, my Google+ page will always be updated daily with hot news and if you already have the Android and iOS app you can always be updated whilst on the move.

So far (Mark Chubb / Phones Review) on Google Plus has had 511 people add us to their circles, this is brilliant and wish to thank all those that added me, would love to see that number reach 1000 by Sunday this week. To add just click the image below –

511 Google Plus users have added us within one week, so the reason I am writing here is to allow others to join in. You may have not known we were there and we are hoping you join us there, I say us because it is me Mark Chubb personally updating Google Plus with my articles.

For those already on Google Plus, you know what to do to add us to your circles. Just so you all know I share all my articles from Phones Review website as well as other interesting things happening around the world, especially from other Google Plus users.

Please join Phones review and myself on Google Plus by click the following image –

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