iPhone Accessories: Artsy Handmade Steampunk Dock and Amp

For the iPhone user that love an unusual docking station rather than the usual boring style, we have here a rather artsy, steampunk-ish, handmade iPhone and iPod speaker dock with amp for your consideration, although the dock will set you back quite a hefty sum, but if you are into the artsy, steampunk, geeky kind of dock then it might be for you.

This iPhone speaker dock is handmade and is apparently capable of housing your iPhone, iPod or even your Apple iPad if it has a 30-pin Apple connector. The central area of the dock features a 15-watt per channel amplifier, which retrieves the audio direct from the line out from the dock connector to your iDevice.

Apparently the speakers use 2-inch full range drivers that are located in the specially constructed pipes, and according to the article deliver “exceptional sound.” The dock apparently provides “a nice full stereo sound with solid lows and perfect highs.”

That being said the writer of the description does go on to state “this isn’t going to substitute for a home theater system or a “party” stereo. It is perfect for background music or just general listening around the house.”

Those speaker pipes on the iPhone dock are a midnight blue, painted with auto grade enamel whilst the wood construction is aspen wood with a light polyurethane coating, while those aluminium curved accents lend support to the stability of the device.

The iPhone and iPod handmade speaker dock and amp weighs 12-pounds, with a dark blue on/off switch and a small blue LED light to indicate when the device is active, and a USB cable port that enables the user to sync to a PC or charge the device with a wall adapter that isn’t apparently included.

Apparently this is the first of the units and will be sold on a first come first served basis, while other orders will be handmade to order with a two-week lead-time and each device will be unique to the buyer as no two pieces of wood are identical.

So what will this unusual handmade iPhone speaker dock and amplifier set you back? Well Etsy are offering the iPhone accessory for the princely sum of $299.00, which seems a little on the steep side to me, but I guess that’s because it is handmade.

Personally, even if I owned an iOS device, which I don’t, this style of thing isn’t for me as I would prefer a more nostalgic retro kind of dock for my device, but then that’s just personal preference and maybe this one will appeal to you.

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