O2 Upgrade, the impatient decision: Pay or wait for iPhone 5

As we are all aware, the iPhone 5 is being released sometime in September if all rumours are correct. This kind of leaves many with a decision to make especially if you are impatient. We will talk a little bit about O2 upgrade customers, this is what we call “the impatient decision, pay or wait for iPhone 5”.

Let me first give you my personal dilemma: I have the Apple iPhone 4 and my monthly contract runs right up until January 2012, now if the iPhone 5 releases in September I will not be able to upgrade to the new smartphone until Jan 2012 unless I pay for an early upgrade. Now do I pay for a new iPhone 5 because being patient is my weakness, or do wait 3 months to upgrade?

I have had all Apple iPhones since the first one was released back in 2007, you know the iPhone 2G, then the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and now the iPhone 4, I still use Android smartphones as well but will always have an iPhone.

Now since the first ever release of the iPhone I have never upgraded, the reason for this is down to my contract. My contract used to renew in October and as you all know a new Apple iPhone releases in the UK around June / July time, which means waiting somewhere around 3-months if I want a free upgrade, but oh no not me I am impatient and end up paying for a new phone.

Since being with O2 I have NEVER upgraded, I have ALWAYS paid for a new phone, this is no way O2’s fault it is mine, but surely I am not the only one who has the same decision to make.

Will the iPhone 4 with the new iOS 5 be good enough, or will the iPhone 5 with iOS 5 be out of this world and totally different?

There are many O2 customers who use the iPhone 3GS who have considered upgrading to the iPhone 4, and yet again do you get the iPhone 4 or do you wait for the upcoming iPhone 5, hard choice right?

One thing is for sure, O2 will be full of open arms for new customers waiting to sign up to new contracts or indeed buying the phone outright on PAYG, upgraders have a big choice to make.

Please let me know if you are having the same impatient decision of pay or wait for the Apple iPhone 5. Please do let me know what your choice will be in the commenting area below. Thanks


14 thoughts on “O2 Upgrade, the impatient decision: Pay or wait for iPhone 5”

  1. I lost my iphone 3G (which i owned since it was launched) in March 2011. I’ve been patiently waiting and watching the events of the release play out in front of me via Google. Enough was enough I needed a new phone so just bought a slimmish Nokia X3-02, which is an ideal second phone. Since i’m on a good old contract i’ll prob buy sim free and then insert my old sim. If a iPhone 5 doesn’t surface then i’ll defect to a Samsung – prob Hercules

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have an old nokia n96 which was out of contract since may, it is causing me so many problems, earpiece recently broke, takes 1 minute to open up a new text message and cant open up videos due to lack of memory and slowness even though i have 12gb available. i have been waiting for the iphone 5 since april, june came and went and no iphone 5. i have waited this long, i will deffo not give in now and buy the iphone 4. i will wait and spend my money wisely on next iphone

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a IPhonre 3GS – I’m out of contract with T-Mobile thought I had timed it perfect – but no still waiting for the new I-Phone – now my 3GS is begining to show problems with the battery

  4. I have the opposite issue, I’ve been waiting to upgrade my 3GS since Dec 2010 having decided that the 4 wasn’t worth it with the 5 being so near, now if I’m lucky I will have waited 9 months to upgrade, if the rumours are correct, if not, I could have had a 4 and been entitled to an upgrade (I can upgrade every 12months) in Dec 2011 assuming the 5 doesn’t come out in Sept…

  5. My wife and I can upgrade now. she has a MOTOROLA flip phone that is a few years old and I have the Iphone 3gs,so I upgaded her to a MOTOROLA ATRIX. This gives her a new phone (she’s happy) and it gives me something to work on till the new Iphone 5 comes out.I will know
    then if I want the IP5 or another phone or keep the 3gs till IP6 comes out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My 2 year IP3GS contract with O2 expires 8th Sept. So, I am hoping I will be able to get my hands on an IP5 fairly soon. My IP3GS has been causing lots of problems for past 6 months: wifi stopped working, runs very slow, battery getting exceedingly weaker by the week. I took the decision not to upgrade to IP4 six months ago because i did not want to tie myself down on a relatively older phone. This is because i took out the IP3GS contract two years ago a week before the IP4 was announced!

  7. Shi says:

    Since the rumors were false, you will be able to get the iPhone 5 out of your contract. I was wondering, I have the iPhone 4 but I bought it on my own. I still have an O2 contract but didn’t upgrade from my last one in order to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out. The day it is released, will they have it in stock at O2, so I upgrade it straight from there? Since if I go to the Apple store, they obviously won’t care about my O2 contract and will expect me to pay out of my own pocket. I wanted to know if it will be available the day of at O2 or if it is released in other retailers well after the official release date in Apple. Thanks!

  8. Jackie Stait says:

    Last year I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S2 as the iPhone 4S wasn’t that much different to the iPhone 4 was but since then I bought the Sony Xperia S sim free which is a good phone to keep me going.  My problem will come next year I can early upgrade on 16 June 2013, or upgrade 16 September, do I upgrade to the iPhone 5 in June or do I wait until September and get what will probably be iPhone 5S?

  9. Jackie Stait says:

    To my previous comment I could wait until January see how much I would have to pay my contract off with o2 and then get the iPhone 5 on the top tarrif which allows you to upgrade 6 months early so if I got it on an 18 month contract that would mean every January I could early upgrade to the next iPhone outing, which is what I was hoping to do with iPhone 4 then they changed the spending tarrif, hence the reason I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 which in a way I regret doing as I love the iPhones and can’t wait any longer to get one.

  10. Anii Ahmed says:

    Since I have been hearing about the iphone 5 releasing anytime during the summer I am confused on what to do, because my contract ends March 2013 and I am entitled to upgrade 6 months before which is in September 2012, I am thinking of waiting for the new iphone 5 to release or just be impatient and get the iphone 4s, this is giving me a lot of trouble deciding on what phone to upgrade to, even the o2 staff have helped me and told me to wait until the iphone 5 has released then decide…but not sure what the spec is going to be for the new iphone 5.

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