iPhone 4 Accessories: Dual SIM Case, iPhone 5 built-in option

How about an Apple iPhone 4 dual-SIM smartphone? If that sounds good to you then you will be happy to know that there is a new accessory that can make this happen.

We always get asked is there any new iPhone 4 accessories coming to the market, and the new VaVeliero’s Dual SIM cover may be of interest to a few of you. What would be nice is the new iPhone 5 being released with a Dual-SIM card slot built-in, but for now you will have to make do with this product.

This new VaVeliero’s Dual SIM product will allow users to connect two separate phone lines, which means no need to carry two smartphones on you.

Now looking at the images here look fantastic, but the image just below via iDB shows what the accessory would look like without the cover case, not pretty is it? It does add a second SIM tray and with the cover on it looks great.

The slender cover case hides the horrible looking SIM, this product connects to your iPhone 4 through its SIM card slot, you must be aware that the VavEliero’s accessory cannot allow both SIM cards to run at the same time, but you can switch between the two via a view taps on the screen, you can also use timers.

This new product works with GSM, GPRS and EDGE and has been tested with 4.3 firmwares; no specific baseband has been mentioned though.

The VaVeliero Dual SIM Cover costs €49.90 and can be purchased via the official website (Google Translate), below is a video of this iPhone 4 accessory in action courtesy of iPhoneItalia. Please let us know what you think of it, is it something that you would use?

It would be nice to see the Apple iPhone 5 that is releasing in September, to feature a built-in dual-SIM card slot. This will not happen so please do not get too excited, we will email the company and ask them to send us one of these VaVeliero Dual SIM Covers so we can put it though its test, we will let you know more about this as and when it happens.

Please feel free to post your comments below, and if you already own one of these products please send in your personal reviews. Thanks, We are always looking out for hot Apple iPhone accessories, if you know of any please do let us know, if we like it we will publish it.


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