Motorola Defy+ Possibly for AT&T and Canada

So apparently there’s a new version of Motorola’s rugged Android smartphone the Motorola Defy on its way at some point in the future and will according to the word, be known as the Motorola Defy+, and will be somewhat similar to the original compact and rugged Defy, but just might not be heading for the T-Mobile network.

According to an article over on This Is My Next, they have receive “reliable word” from whom they do not say, but no doubt it is probably an unnamed tipster as these things usually are, anyway that “reliable word” is that there is a new Motorola Defy+ model coming out to play.

Apparently this Motorola Defy+ comes with 850/1900/2100 HSPA bands, which means that this little smartphone could well be destined for AT&T and Canadian carriers rather than T-Mobile.

Spec wise the word is the Motorola Defy+ handset will be somewhat similar to the original Motorola Defy albeit the Defy+ is said to ship carrying the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread operating system along with an upgraded processor to a 1GHz OMAP 3620 from the original 800Mhz OMAP 3610, whilst the display, RAM, camera and storage are expected to remain the same.

Presumable the Android handset carrying the Defy name should mean that it would come with all the ruggedness of the original such as protection from water, shock and dust, but basically the Motorola Defy+ is just a mid upgrade form the original.

Obviously there’s no word on if or when anyone is likely to see the Motorola defy+ make an appearance or just how much the smartphone will hit your pocket for and who you’ll be able to actually purchase it from, and currently there are no pictures available of the device either.

However, if the Motorola Defy+ smartphone does eventually come out to play, does those boosted specifications appear to be enough to get current users of the defy to upgrade or attract new customers? I guess the answer to that is we are still in the very early stages with this new smartphone so it’s a matter of waiting to see; more on the Motorola Defy+ as and when we hear.

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