Google Maps for Android Mobile, 3D buildings with new cities added

If you own an Android smartphone and use Google Maps a lot, you will be pleased to hear that more cities have been added. This means that you can now find more 3D buildings in either Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, Barcelona and 11 major cities in South Africa.

The good bit about all this, you do not have to do anything other than open Google Maps for mobile with Android 2.0+ and zoom in to a city with 3D buildings.

There are many new buildings being built all over the place and Google Maps now includes 3D images of buildings in the cities mentioned above, the Google Maps 5.0 for Android update gives users stunning isometric projections of buildings and landmarks, just swipe your finger across you map and see the buildings in 3D, how cool is that?

The 3D maps can also rotate, zoom in and out as well as tilt, works great on Android phones or tablets.

CNET talks a little about London, they say that the isometric drawings do not cover the whole of London, they say, “3D buildings radiate out from the area around Covent Garden and Waterloo. Parts of the West End, including about half of Soho, spread out west to Green Park and Buckingham Palace, east to the Bank of England and Aldgate, and North to Euston. Patchy spots of the South Bank are mapped from Vauxhall to the Tower of London, as far south as the Oval.”

The Gherkin, Nelson’s Column and many more look fantastic, so if you live in Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, or the 11 cities in South Africa, please let us know what you think of the 3D buildings that are included in Google Maps.

Many more updates will come again soon, whilst we wait for these updates please let us know what you think of the above news, why not visit our commenting area below and let us know what city you are in and what building you have looked at of your Android device.

Extra Information: If you visit the Android Market you can install Google Maps for free, main features include: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system, Find, rate, and get recommendations for places and see friends on the map and check in at places and so much more.

We would love for you to send in your personal reviews on any of the above, and of course any problems that you encounter we would love to know about them as well. Thanks

Source – Google Blog

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