HTC Sensation 4G Hand Polished Chrome Frame Guide

If you are the proud owner of the HTC Sensation 4G smartphone you’ll know that although the phone’s frame is aluminium, it is black rather than being chrome coloured, which makes the Android handset somewhat dull and the same as most over smartphones, but there is a way to bling up that aluminium frame and we have a guide on how to do so for your consideration below.

The guide on how to hand polish the frame of the HTC Sensation 4G handset comes our way courtesy of Whitesites blog where Paul White painstakingly when through the motions of hand polishing the framework of the smartphone to bring it back to a super shiny chrome appearance.

If you would like to do the same to your own HTC Sensation 4G there are a few supplies you will require to carry out the operation, Blue Magic Metal Polish Creme, 1500 Girt wet/dry sandpaper, 1000 Grit wet/dry sandpaper, 600 or 800 Grit sandpaper, and several paper towels and you’re good to go.

So then here’s the guide, first of remove the frame from the smartphone, and then remover the light sensor and speaker grill, after which remove the volume rocker, and this should leave the frame ready for polishing.

Then start off with the coarsest sandpaper, cut into small strips and get to sanding, but do not use anything courser than 600 otherwise you’ll get deep scratches on the frame. Other a course of time you should end up with a paint-less frame.

If you prefer the brushed metal look then you are done and can put everything back together, otherwise start using finer grade sandpaper, 1500 Grit or above to remove the remaining scratches and once you’ve got rid of all the scratched you hit the polishing.

Using a folded paper towel and the metal polishing crème start buffing the frame, after a while the paper towel will turn black so use a clean spot or another paper towel, and basically keep polishing until the frame is highly polished and shining.

Once you’ve reached the desired level of shine you can then reassemble the smartphone, and Bob’s your Uncle you now have a hand polished chrome frame Android 2.3 Gingerbread toting HTC Sensation 4G in your hands.

Paul does say that the painstaking process did take six hours to accomplish so requires a lot of elbow grease, or you could always take the strain out of it by using power tools to sand and buff.

Whichever you use I do have to say that the polished frame HTC Sensation 4G does look a great deal more attractive than the black framed version, so perhaps it is worth all that work, what do you think, will you be trying this with your Sensation 4G?


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