Android Honeycomb HTC Puccini Tablet Hot Pictures & Specs

The new Android Honeycomb HTC Puccini tablet PC is release sometime this summer with AT&T, and up until now there were no pictures. Well today we can reveal two images of the tablet as well as a few specs to make your mouth water.

Ok it might not make you mouth water but we do have a few specs for you. The 10.1-inch HTC Puccini tablet pc is going to be exclusive to AT&T, it will feature an 8-megapixel camera and judging on the picture below it looks like it has a dual-LED flash.

The tablet will be running Android Honeycomb operating system, as well as coming with a microphone and stereo speakers.

The photo below also shows a stylus attached to the case, so we know it will come with this accessory. Other features will hopefully include a 1.5GHz processor, 4G LTE radio and HTC Sense.

We love the design of the HTC Puccini, the textured cover looks hot to say the least, and it will have support for AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network.

Is this going to be much better than the HTC Flyer? Of course it will and we can see this tablet selling very fast.

Is this the new tablet that can go up against the Apple iPad? The iPad 2 is doing very well in sales and we can see the HTC Puccini doing very well too, but is it an iPad beater, this one is very hard to call. The design of this new tablet looks fantastic, it comes with great specs (Not official specs yet), we cannot wait for the full specifications and features and when we receive them we will most definitely let you now about it.

Information is very slim at the moment, but can we say a big thanks to BGR for the stunning pictures above, your guys are great.

If you look at the picture above, the one showing the front, we would have to say lose the HTC and AT&T logos, this makes it look horrible when it is in the portrait position. Trust us please, ditch the logos on the front and have they on the back. If you have anything you wish to talk about the HTC Puccini tablet then please do have your say in the commenting area provided below. Thanks

Other Puccini News: Check out our earlier article showing the blueprint of the tablet right here, do you think the images above are of the final release version of the Puccini?

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