Apple Gear Could Be Going Green In Future

There’s a big emphasis on green energy in the world today and that includes the mobile arena and a couple of big companies may be taking steps to make their future gear green by way of using solar panel technology, and the companies mentioned are Samsung and Apple.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, Chinese site DigiTimes is claiming that both Apple and Samsung are looking at solar panel use for their future products, which presumably includes the iPhone and Apple iPad.

However, according to said report miniature solar panels that could possible be used in Apple and Samsung gear are in need of more development before the panels can actually be included in products.

Here’s what DigiTimes says, “However, according to Taiwan-based solar firms, these niche markets will need a longer time to develop. Samsung’s solar-powered netbook adopts a unique sized solar cell, added industry sources, and the number of solar cells used is less than rooftop solar systems, hence it is unlikely for solar-powered consumer products to form a solid market in the short term.”

According to the 9to5 Mac guys this isn’t the first time old Apple has delved into the possible use of solar panel tech as the iOS firm began exploring the tech back in 2009 and even filed a patent for mobile products that can be powered by solar panels with the US Patent and Trademark Office, albeit Apple was fairly careful not to make any mention of their iPhone or Apple iPad products in the aforementioned patent application.

The article claims that Apple is evaluating the “inclusion of Taiwan-based solar firms in [its] supply chain,” which in itself seems to mean that Apple isn’t simply evaluating the possibility of using solar panels, but is also considering just which companies they might use to deliver said solar panel technology.

So what do our iOS faithful readers out their think about the possibility of solar panel powered iPhone and Apple iPads at some point in the future, do you feel it would be a great move forward by Apple or do you feel solar energy probably wont be enough but is a step in the right direction? Fell free to let us know your thought on the matter by posting to our comments area below.

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