Cute Android Robot Bluetooth Sound Box, The Music Buddy

Now if you love Android and looking for a little fun factor on your works desk then please do take a bow and welcome the cool and cute Android Robot Bluetooth Sound Box, yes he is the music buddy we all want.

This accessory has the boring name of “Android Sound Box”, and we think that is mean and will call him “Android Buddy Robot” see now that sounds much better, if you would like to give him a name then please do so, it will not go on his birth certificate but at least it shows him a little love and attention.

Anyway, back to the product itself, sorry about the above we just think this product is so cool. The Android Sound Box is a Bluetooth and hands-free device that allows you to wirelessly stream your music via let’s say your smartphone onto this cool little fellow, he will also take your calls hands-free style as well, oh what a boy you are.

Now for only £19.95 you cannot go wrong, you are getting a cool little buddy that does a lot without wires just for you, will you be giving him a home?

Main Features Include: Small but powerful 2W speaker provides a room-filling sound, your music wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0 for crystal clarity, Built-in battery for use on the go, the head on the cool buddy sound box acts as a control for your phone, letting your change tracks with a twist or pause with a push and it also comes with a Integrated microphone lets you handle your calls completely hands-free, the poor little fellow had a lot of surgery to give him all the goodness his owners deserve.

You can play, pause or activate voice dialling with a simple motion; the head rotates left and right to change the music tracks and also acts as a button for different functions.

The built-in microphone allows you to talk wirelessly, so when someone calls you on your mobile phone you can talk into the little mans head for the caller to hear you. The integrated battery will keep pumping out your tunes for up to 10 hours. The speaker comes with a mini USB cable for charging via a PC or USB mains adapter.

At the moment Mobilefun.co.uk has it up as – Available Soon, Pre-order now for priority despatch, we want one. When you do receive the product its box contents contains the Robot Sound Box speaker, Mini USB cable and Desk stand. Please watch the video of him in action, love it and so will you.


2 thoughts on “Cute Android Robot Bluetooth Sound Box, The Music Buddy”

  1. Dethan33 says:

    Would love to know how anyone got this little guy to play audio from their PC…So frustrating not being able to find the manufacturer for a custom ROM.

  2. Vickers says:

    Dear dethan. we are china speaker manufacturer,we produce the android robot speaker. you could contact me, by msn:vickers-86@hotmail:disqus .com.or skype:vickers861.hope we could help you.

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