iPhone 5 Cases Support Thin Curved Edges, Actually Believable

More things are turning up online surrounding the iPhone 5; a few cases are coming out of the woodwork suggesting the upcoming Apple smartphone will feature a thinner and curved design.

Earlier on today we reported about a Target ad and somewhat is supposed to be iPhone cases, and today we have more for you. The cases we mentioned earlier today were via mobilefun.co.uk suggesting the new smartphone could indeed feature curved design and edge-to-edge display.

Well today thanks to 9to5Mac they have a few more cases that are believed to be actual iPhone 5 cases, now if we look at what we mentioned above about those cases found and then look at the cases shown below it does make you believe the new iPhone 5 will have a thinner design, curved edges and a larger display, oh hello 3GS sort of design.

Are these case leaks real? Who knows is the answer we will give, but the new smartphone is suspected to release in the US September 5 and everywhere else October 5, so these cases may have some truth in them.

We like 9to5Mac believe that the cases shown here is “indicative” of the next-generation iPhone’s design, or could it be a new case for a new iPod Touch.

If the cases are real and not fake then it is most certain the iphone 5 will come with a whole new design, we are now calling out to Steve Job, still calling Steve, “Are these cases the real deal or just another fake for a bit of web fun?”

To all our readers, what do you think?

No one knows the real truth about the new Apple iPhone 5, even saying that no one knows if it will be called the iPhone 5 it could be something entirely different. Apple are very good at hiding thing and being secretive is what they are good at, and we of course will be right there waiting for a slip of truth and then and only then can we give you hard concrete evidence of truth and confirmation.

Please do use the commenting area below and have your say, we would love to know what you are thinking around about now.

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