iPhone 5 Release Week 2 Sept, Apple iPad 3 Thanksgiving

Yawn…sorry but all these iPhone 5 release date rumours do seem to be becoming somewhat tiring, but nevertheless we will continue passing along the latest speculation the scuttlebutt delivers, and this time round apparently the delight of your mobile life, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to be releasing in the second week of September.

According to the guys over on MacRumors, Chinese site The China Times, is claiming that the iOS faithful can expect week two of September as the release time for the next generation iPhone and initial orders are in the four million area although apparently suppliers are in the process of preparing a trial run of 400,000 units.

That week two of September does tie in quite nicely with the most popular of release date rumours doing the rounds, although there have of course been other rumours touting August, and beyond as the iPhone 5 release time, but as usual its all a case of wait and be patient.

Have to love checking out Chinese websites with Google translation though as the particular article in question has the translated title of “New iPhone 9 second week of listing,” hmm, iPhone 9 seems to be jumping the gun just a bid don’t you think?

Anyway back to the speculation, other than that claimed second week of September release for the iPhone 5, the article claims that the next generation iOS tablet, the Apple iPad 3 has been delayed and will apparently arrive possibly before Thanksgiving in the US of A, which should slap the iPad 3 release before the 26th of November, and probably so you can give thanks to Apple for releasing it.

Apparently the China Times has somewhat of a hit and miss record when it comes to Apple gear, but apparently the word is they are close to Apple suppliers in China, so who knows maybe they could be correct in their claims, but then again they may not be.

However, and here comes the usually bit of guff I post with all Apple gear speculation, this stays firmly in the land of rumour because as I am sure you all know, when it comes to the release of anything Apple only those positioned high enough in the company really know when a device will hit the mobile space, and as usual they aren’t saying.

So take this with the usual large quantity Apple flavoured of salt until such times as the Apple guys come out and officially announce just when we are likely to see the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3 otherwise you could get your hopes up and find them dashed when the time comes.

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