Apple iDroid Smartphone, iOS and Android User Choice

Shall we go totally crazy, time to think out of the box for the next generation smartphone, how about the Apple iDroid? Do not shoot me just yet please let me explain.

So many smartphone users have their preferences, many love the Apple iPhone and its iOS platform and many love Android devices, I personally use both one being the Apple iPhone 4 and the other being the HTC desire HD.

They both work very well indeed, but if I had to choose one it would be the iPhone for me, that is my personal preference. PhonesReview has had so many emails and I read them all day long trying to answer them when I can, some emails come in asking if Apple will ever release an open source iPhone, hundreds come in saying Android is better then iOS and iOS is better then Android, will this argument ever die down? Of course it will not.

So this is my crazy thinking out of the box time, release the Apple iDroid, will they release it “NOT A CHANCE”, but think about this scenario for one minute. You ready for it? You Sure?

How about the build of an Apple iPhone with top specs such an 8-MP camera on the back and a 5MP on the front, much better screen resolution, NFC, wrap around solar panel for wireless charging, the list could go on so let me get to the madness bit.

The new Apple iDroid will give customers what they want, the smartphone could be fitted with either iOS or Android OS, basically what happens is the customer can buy the Apple branded smartphone and they choose what operating system they want. HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola etc all implement Android so why not Apple, they would not lose business they would gain business, they would have customers that can choose their own platform. They would get more sales as they are not using just one platform, be honest how many of you like Android more than iOS?

It would be impossible to have an iPhone that comes with an app icon allowing you to switch between iOS and Android that would be too much for the phone to handle, but there is nothing stopping Apple building two iPhones one with iOS and the other with Android.

I could bang on about this all day long, so I will let you have your say. Please do post your comments in the area provided below, is this a crazy idea or a step in the right direction?


4 thoughts on “Apple iDroid Smartphone, iOS and Android User Choice”

  1. Phones/tablets like Apple are also bought by Dell. So not that crazy.
    Or, a SUPER-crazy thing: Buy a bare phone, then choose an installation SD – Windows Phone 8, MeeGo, Android or iOS. I’d go for Zaurus (QWERTY) under iOS!

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