Robots vs Humans: Apple Foxconn New Hiring Strategy

Apple uses firm Foxconn for manufacturing devices such as the iPhone, iPad etc and robots vs. humans come into play with a new hiring strategy. Apparently Foxconn will be hiring 1-million new robot workers where they will start work on the factory floor.

The hiring of 1-million new robots will happen over the next three years, which means Apple is expecting to have many more sales than previous years, but where does this lie with human jobs?

Earlier on today Phones Review colleague James reported that AT&T workers are not allowed any time off in the last 2-weeks of September, surely if all correct the new Apple smartphone should release the second half of September.

Apple are definitely up to something, and we believe it is not only the iPhone 5 that will excite, what within a three year robot hiring plan would they just stick to what we know already, they have some more Apple devices in the bag and they need complete and reliable manufacturing abilities to pull of the amount of number builds.

Reuters reports, Terry Gou Foxconn’s chairman “robotic workers are being brought in to handle simple assembly line tasks. Foxconn already makes use of some 10,000 robots, with plans to deploy another 290,000 in the next twelve months.”

If the new hiring strategy comes into play, how will this affect the current 1.2m human workers at the factory?

This is all down to rising labour costs, robots are more reliable than humans, no tea or lunch breaks needed with robots, robotic figures will never have a company strike, no illness or sick leave needed.

Foxconn already have 10,000 robots working at the moment, and by next year they will have 30,000 and by year three, there will potentially be 1-million robot workers making Apple devices. This will defiantly save the company money, especially since rising salary costs are getting higher and higher, robots will not demand a pay rise, well they might cost more in electricity and grease.

Do you think Foxconn is doing the right thing? Is this the case of robots vs. humans with the new hiring strategy?

We would love to know what you think, do you think by having robots it could jeopardise millions of human workers jobs, less human hiring would surely set a chain reaction to other smartphone companies and then the world would have more people without work and in return resulting in more and more human debt.

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