Apple iPad 2 Accessories: Game Boy Case For That Retro Look

If you own an Apple iPad 2 and are in the market for a case that stands out from the rest whilst giving your iOS tablet a certain retro look, and just happen to remember back when the Nintendo game boy was all the rage, you can now add a splash of game boy appearance to the Apple iPad 2 in the form of the iPad 2 Game Boy case.

Now you can merge the latest tech with the old as according to an article over on Akihabara News, owners of the Apple iPad 2 can at some point in the future place a pre-order for the iPad 2 Game Boy case, although at present there’s no mention as to what price the Game Boy case for the iPad 2 will actually cost.

Those that just might like to step back in time and give their iPad 2 a Game Boy look, according to Lootiful, where you can eventually grab the accessory, the iPad 2 Game Boy case “it’s friggin’ sweet.”

Furthermore if you also happen to own the iPhone 4, Lootiful also make Game Boy cases for the Apple smartphone, with the standard iPhone 4 Game Boy case costing $17.99 or there is a limited edition iPhone 4 Game Boy case that will set you back $21.99.

So if you are into matching up your Apple gear perhaps a Game Boy case for both your iPhone 4 and Apple iPad 2 is just right for you.

According to Lootiful, “Gear for Geeks is a freelance business run by a single graphic designer, located near Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. This designer has a love for videogames, a passion for making things, and a mission to continue making awesome products for his nerdy consumers. With your continued support, LOOTIFUL hopes to bring its cases to the iPad, iPod, and all future like-minded Apple products. It is also expanding into fashion, furniture, accessories, gadgets and more.”

So does the Apple iPad 2 Game Boy case conjure up fond memories of times past when you spent hours gaming on the Game Boy and thus attracts your attention? If so feel free to let us know if you intend on pre-ordering the iPad accessory as soon as you can by dropping us a line in our comments area below.

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