iPhone 5 Fake Video Leak, Possibly The Real Prototype

The Apple iPhone 5 is getting a lot of online attention at the moment, and to add to the mayhem a new video has been leaked showing an iPhone 5 fake, which could possibly be the real thing.

If you watch the video below let us know if you think the real upcoming iPhone 5 will look like this one, we know it is fake but there is nothing to suggest that the real Apple smartphone expected to release in September will not look like this.

We have already shown you potential iPhone 5 designs, and Phones review colleague James already reported yesterday about iPhone 5 clones, many photographs are starting to show up and this is why you cannot count out that this video showing the smartphone could be the final design that will be release in September.

The video below is showing a white iPhone and it has the same design as the one James showed you yesterday, it is possible the clones could be based on the what is about to release in a couple of months.

BGR seems to think that the clones could be the real thing, have the Chinese got their hands on the iPhone 5 and built knockoffs? Now there is a question we would love for you to answer.

Please watch the video below and let us know what you think, could this be the iPhone 5 that will release in September? If it is that is a pure shame, as we really would have liked it to look like the iPhone Air.


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