Angry Birds Gets Closer To The Female Heart

Okay here’s a quickie for you, basically not really anything to do with smartphones but rather the multi-platform mobile game Angry Birds and for the female lovers of the game that want to express that Angry Birds love in a certain rather unusual way, by adoring yourself with an Angry Birds bra.

Yes folks it appears that the ladies can now take their love of Angry Birds closer to their heart as according to an article over on TUAW those ladies that adore playing Angry Birds on their mobile phone can now pick up an underwear accessory.

The Angry Birds Bra, which features a red Angry Bird and an infamous thieving green pig on the cups is hand painted using acrylic paints with a textile medium and is permanent and washable with all tags still attached to the brassiere.

For those ladies that would like to own the Angry Birds bra, the undergarment comes in sizes 34A up to 38DD and is available to purchase from seller ScreeneShoes over on Etsy although no price for the bra is given.

However, the seller does also say that if you prefer to send in your own bra to be decorated in Angry Birds you are welcome to do so for a discounted price of course.

So Angry Birds now gets closer to the female heart, so what next Angry Birds panties or perhaps Angry Birds boxers for the guys?

So I have to ask, any of our lady readers out there would you consider actually wearing an Angry Birds bra, or do you think its just taking things a little too far? Feel free to answer the question in our comments area below.

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