iOS 5 Apps Gaining Approval: New OS & iPhone 5 September Release

News covering the new iOS 5 and Apple iPhone 5 always grabs online attention, and it is getting more and more hotter the closer we get to September, which is the expected release month for both products. Today you will be happy to know that Apple has started to approve apps that are compatible with iOS 5.

Yes that is right, Apple is now approving apps for iOS 5 in the App Store even though it is still in beta. The first app that showed up with iOS 5-compatibility was Camera+, and then Mashable and a few others started to show iOS 5-compatibility.

The apps are being updated for iOS 5 compatibility but none have been actually approved that are built using the iOS 5 code.

The Camera+ app that is mentioned above was updated to version 2.2.3 and iOS 5 was referenced in the release notes, basically said “Compatibility with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named.” According to Cult of Mac

We believe that the new Apple iPhone 5 will be released alongside iOS 5 in September, if apps are being approved for iOS 5-compatibility in the App Store now then a September release is imminent.

We would love to know if you come across any application updates that have reference to iOS 5 compatibility. Come on developers, what can you do with the iOS 5 code? iOS 5 is at beta 4 stages at the moment and we do not think it will get to beta 5; it will be released within the next month.

Whilst on the subject of Apple, earlier on today Phones Review colleague James reported news of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 parts surfacing, please read more about this right here. Do you think iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 will definitely release in September? Surely it will release because even though there may be a few minor issues there is nothing more Apple need to do.

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