Riot Acquired iPhone Units Pop Up On Craigslist UK?

As everyone knows there are numerous riots taking place in good old England and there have been many cases of looting during these riots which basically the police were kind of slow to put a halt to, and when the looters have their stolen gains sometimes they need to sell them on and it appears that it is possible some of that looted gear has now appeared for sale online.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, someone is trying to offload 40 16GB iPhone 4 handsets by advertising them for sale on Craigslist UK, and although it hasn’t been confirmed that said iPhone units on offer have actually been acquired during the riots, and there is always a possibility that someone has them legitimately, there is a possibility these iPhone 4 handset could be the result of looting.

The Craigslist advert is offering 40 Apple iPhone 4’s 16GB for 320 quid a pop, and the ad says all of the iPhone 4 units are brand new and sealed, they haven’t had their boxes open at all and are all on O2 and come with a years warranty, and the seller can even “sort out a discount if more than 3 are purchase.”

I’ve been watch the news on the riots recently and personally haven’t heard of an Apple gear being lifted or of any O2 shop being vandalised and looted, however it is somewhat suspicious that whoever is offering these iOS smartphones chooses now to put up the advert.

Especially when you consider that the advert was posted to Craigslist UK on the 8th of August, but of course that could simply be a coincidence couldn’t it?

Like I said I haven’t heard of any Apple gear going missing, but if any of our readers out there have knowledge that an O2 or Apple retailer was knocked over during a riot feel free to let us know if these could have possibly come from your area.

Of course if they are legitimately being offered then there’s no problem and we’d like to invite the seller to let us know they were obtained by legitimate means if they see this article of course, and if so we will update the post accordingly.

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