Angry Birds Goes For Baby Market

As the saying goes, ‘get em young and you’ll have em forever,’ and it appears that the maker of the multi-platform mobile game Angry Birds is about to target the exceedingly young, as the word is Rovio is moving into the baby merchandising market with Angry Birds baby gear.

According to the Crave, Reuters is reporting that the mobile game maker has plans to release Angry Birds themed baby clothes and blankets, which will be manufactured by SwaddleDesigns.

Apparently such baby items as ultimate receiving blankets, marquisette swaddling blankets, baby lovie, marquisette baby burpies, and zzZipMe sacks are amongst the official Angry Birds baby murchandise on offer and available to pre-order now.

As you probably know, Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on the iOS platform, Android platform and others and apparently has over 40 million players every month.

However it’s not just the game that is making big bucks for Rovio as according to their vice president of franchise development, Ville Heijari, Rovio has sold about 7 million Angry Birds toys, and receives a “sizable proportion” of revenue from merchandising and licensing.

Heijari says, “Rovio’s core business is games but licensing/merchandising is one of the fastest growing parts of the company.”

Obviously the cute kiddie gear comes with numerous coloured Angry Birds splattered over the products, I didn’t see any signs of those thieving green pigs anywhere though, so perhaps green pig baby gear is another area that may come along at a later point.

Oh and if you have a baby you want decked out in Angry Birds gear, if you place an order for $50 and over you will receive a free Angry Birds plush toy for your little darling as an added incentive.

No doubt the Angry Birds baby gear will be yet another big success for Rovio, as I’m pretty sure the baby market is quite a substantial size and opportunity for big buck revenue. So come on people let’s here if you will be snapping up some Angry Birds love for your baby, feel free to let us know if the new Angry Birds baby gear attracts your interest by dropping us a comment below.

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