UCAS Connect iOS, Android and Ovi Apps Updated

As a result of attracting 18000 visitors in just 10 days, across 100 different territories and countries UCAS Connect has gone mobile with the launch of a free app on the iOS, Android and Nokia platforms, an app that delivers the latest UCAS news.

On August the 1st the UCAS Connect website was re-launched as a one stop shop for those who are thinking about joining higher education and the launch of the new mobile apps means busy university hopefuls can gain the ability to look up the advice they require at any time.

The UCAS app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad as well as Android devices running Android 2.0.1 or above and Nokia devices delivers tip tips, video guides, frequently asked questions along with access to the UCAS interactive search tool.

The application also delivers the ability for users to access the UCAS Twitter and Facebook account where they will be able to read real time answers to questions from expert advisers.

Beth Hayes, who oversees the project as part of UCAS’ Online Experience team says, “The UCAS Connect app provides instant help at the touch of a phone screen, allowing us to reach busy people at a time that suits them. Applicants can get the answers they need without having to call, which is especially valuable to international students.”

While Kirstie Buchanan, of Rippleffect, who developed the app adds, “You can actually learn quite a bit in sixty seconds. It’s possible to educate and entertain whilst ensuring we get direct messages of help and support across. We have created a fantastic product that not only advises users on what to do, but shares anecdotes that make their experience more engaging.”

UCAS Connect was re-launched this month in the build up to Confirmation and Clearing — usually known as “results day” — on August 18. More than 77 percent of the visitors rated the YouTube videos as “extremely useful”. The clips give advice on, for example, how to navigate your way through Clearing.

For those who would like to download the free UCAS Connect app for the Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone you can do so by hitting up iTunes, Android users can download the free app from the Android Market, while Nokia smartphone users can download the free app from the Ovi Store.

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