Injection of ISO’s Into Native PSX Emulator on Xperia Play: Download

All customers that own the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (aka PlayStation Phone) will be very happy to know that there has been a new development injection of ISO’s into native PS1 emulator on the Xperia Play.

Thanks to the legendary yifanlu he has just release the download and source code for the Native PSX Emulator ISO Converter, he has been working hard and within 2 weeks it is finally finished.

The developer has found a way to reverse engineer the native Playstation One emulator that is found on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gaming smartphone to play converted custom ISO’s, this is fantastic news, especially if you love old games such as Crash Bandicoot.

Below is a video of proof, the new PSXperia extracts, patches and repacks the Crash Bandicoot game that comes with all Xperia Play phones to use any PSX game (that you legally own). This allows users to play any property ripped PSX game, it will also allow users to set a custom icon and this will allow the game to show up in the handsets Playstation Pocket app, which also gains quick access when the user flips the gamepad out.

Yifanlu, converted and tested 8 games in all with this new tool, Download the program here and the source here. You can learn more about the developer via their official website as well as his XDA page, you can also read more about this converter via the XDA thread.

This means that users may be able to convert previously owned PS1 games and then use on the Xperia Play, please watch the YouTube video below and then come back to us and have your say.


2 thoughts on “Injection of ISO’s Into Native PSX Emulator on Xperia Play: Download”

  1. Keyurchauhan88 says:

    does yifanlu get succeded in makinhg psp emulator for xperia play?im eager to have it,wish if sir yifanlu make it possible before release of fifa street 4 for psp lol,i wanna play it on my xperia play :),but all n all sir yifanlu did a great job!!

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