iPhone 4 accessories: Neostitch Customisable Case

Now let’s be quite honest here, not all iPhone users like the plain and simple cases that are available, some would much rather have a flashy designer case while others are quite happy with a plain rubber case or corporate style leather case. But if you would rather have an iPhone 4 case that you can customise to suit your personality then maybe this iPhone case is for you.

The iPhone 4 Neostitch case is quite an ingenious holder whereby it is covered in tiny perforations that enabled the use if they are quite adept with a needle to embroider whatever design they fancy onto the case, thus making it a truly personalised iPhone 4 accessory.

With the Neostitch case for the iPhone 4 you get 2 needles and 3 differing colours of thread with which you can sew in whatever design you which, a brand name, your own name, your favourite game image, the name of your loved one, giving you endless possibilities.

Of course if you are one of the younger generation who would never consider using a needle for anything as it might be considered unfashionable, well I’m sure if you ask your grandmother nicely she’s embroider your chosen design onto your Neostitch case for you, as grannies are very accommodating like that.

The Neostitch case for the iPhone 4 also comes in numerous colours so you are not left with the same old boring black or white, although those two colours are available along with pink, blue, green, and orange.

The Neostitch case itself is an ultra-slim design silicone case with 33 x 69 cross stitch grid and is of course compatible with only the iPhone 4. Price wise the Neostitch case for the iPhone 4 commands a price tag of £19.99, $32 US or €23 including free delivery and is available to purchase from Firebox.

Seems like a rather unique way of personalising your iPhone 4 to me, although I would have to get someone else to do that embroidery and basically I can’t sew to save my life, what about you, does the Neostitch case catch your eye?

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