Apple Facing Lawsuit From Over 25,000 South Koreans Over iPhone

If Apple doesn’t already have enough legal battles going on what with all the patent infringement suits, it appears Apple has upset quite a few South Korean people who have now formed a group to mount legal action against Apple to the sweet tune of some $26 million.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of The Florida News Journal, a lawsuit has been filed by attorney Kim Hyeong-seok on behalf of 27,612 South Koreans with each claiming damages of one million won, which is roughly $937.

Apparently the reason for the lawsuit is that this group of South Koreans are claiming the iPhone has collected user and service information without their knowledge for up to a year.

Word is the first hearing of this suit is expected sometime in October or November, and when contacted, Apple spokesperson in Seoul, Steve Park declined to comment on the matter.

Of course if Apple was to lose this particular lawsuit and hand over 26 million bucks, it would hardly put a dent into the Apple coffers. However if Apple were to start losing every lawsuit stacking up against the company, then Apple’s coffers would surely end up considerably dented.

Of course this lawsuit is in its early stages and no doubt will roll on for quite some time before a conclusion is found, but with all the legal battles Apple is fighting at the moment over patent infringement, the company must have an army of lawyers they can call on, and lets face it lawyers don’t come cheap.

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